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* :-) * Very cheap for global press revolt * =D * Reach a wide audience * :-D * Remains in the head * :-D * history ;-) =) ;) =D
* :-D * Reach a wide audience * =P * Global press revolt * =D * Once-in-a-lifetime * ;) * Own a part of history * =) * Unique =)
* :-P * Remains in the head * =] * Own a part of history * ;-) * Raise awareness * =D * Increase sales * =D * Increase sales =D


For several years I whiz some projects/ideas in my head, which I would like to implement.
The one idea or another, has now been implemented by others, which is why I wanted to start with a 'real' project before the idea of yet another snatches me again and I will always depressed (It is not
easy to see his babies grow up somewhere else:( ).
When, however, I noticed then on which state I am what concerns web development, I decided first of all to carry out a few test projects before I start with the productive development.
So 'The 1,000,000 Euro Scratchcard' or 'The 10,000,000 Euro Scratchcard' is my first test project.

When I was browsing the web for CSS effects for an originally planned project, I bump into this effect and it came to me immediately a Scratchcard in the head.
After I have more and more worked and tried out on it and used a lot longer than I thought, I decided to make it to my first test project which I put online.
So this is my first, unclean developed test project to gather/testing skills at the lowest level (Hosting, HTML, CSS, Javascript and Php on the server side).

Originally I used div Container and had an animated background. But when I tested it on other browsers, I noticed that some browsers were not fast enough with the processing behind.
With a table this worked much smoother and I could use many more boxes. On grounds of the performace loss I had to leave out the animated background.

Why 10,000,000 Million

After I noticed the performace loss of the various browsers while testing 'The Million Euro Scratch Card', I tried what is possible with a table.
To better see the boxes, I hired a small distance between the cells. I liked the effect, especially with the connected cells, as these stood out as the same and you can see immediately
that something behind it (With animated background this effect was even better).
Last I finally had wasted a lot of time and could not decide which I place online. By my hosting provider I had 2 free domains, so I just put both online.

About me

The pity tour....but the truth

After I fought my way from the main school through high school, I wanted to travel for a year of Work & Travel through the foreign countries to see some of the world and to learn better English.
Unfortunately, I missed the start-up capital to pay the flight or to bridge the days when you can not find work.
So I applied me by several colleges for a software engineering study and got here also some assents.
When it became serious, the financial background was also lost to me here. Yes others must also work to pay their study, but a certain basic income to rent a room or to buy a bread should already be secured.
Because I wanted to go necessarily in that direction, I decided to begin an easy education, in the faith that I would also learn here something.
I thought I would have to pay thus any money and would earn a little bit at the same time with the side effect learns a little bit alongside too.
I have concluded the education the last year and have worked one more year to save money.
Unfortunately, I only worked with outdated software that 20 years ago was up to date and is no longer supported by Microsoft.
With the knowledge to be freshly learns but not up to date, with no prospect of change, my dissatisfaction grew.
Instead of catch up with my savings stay abroad, I decided to summarily terminate my profession.
With the savings I try to bridge for some time because I do not want to live at state expense.
I do not want to move at the same level in one year so I think it is the right decision and makes me happier in the long run than a stay abroad.
In addition, the development leads the way just in this branch fast and I am no more 18.
As long as I can pay the health insurance, I use the time to teach me the failures themselves to receive no refusals on account of my missing professional skills later.
I wanted to start with the development of Android Apps, meanwhile I think the future lies in HTML , CSS and Javascript because everything can be realised with this and it is also possible to develop Web/Native Apps, which are platform independent.
In my planned projects which I would like to develop cleanly and performant, I will use different technologies, frameworks, libarys, and programming languages to get an idea of it by myself.
I'll probably start with PHP because there are many video tutorials on this and it is still standard. In the future I will concentrate me rather on Javascript and node.js.
Here is an excerpt of what I planned to date (most of it is completely foreign to me and only by videos famously):

This and that:
- Javascript (Moduls)
- node.js
- jQuery
- Debugging (Unit Test)
- ....

- Laravell
- AngularJs
- Ionic
- Bootstrap
- ExpressJs
- .....
The Ten Million Euro Homepage © 2014 Stony Nobody Broke. All rights reserved. I am not responsible for the content of external sites. Images featured on homepage are © of their respective owners. I assume no guarantee for the signposted Win-Win-Prices aboved. It´s just a test project to learn the very basics of web development but I´m not averse if someone want to buy a box=).
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